How to do a Backflip on a Trampoline

As cosplayers, we aren’t afraid to release our inner child(ren)! As such, trampolines are a great way to not only relieve some stress and have fun, they can even add to our cosplay experience.

But what if you want to do something extra-level crazy, like a backflip? If you do want to attempt a backflip and are ready to take your trampoline jumping skills to the next level, then there’s numerous things that you need to do in order to do a backflip on a trampoline. This is not professional advice and it is important that you take the proper precautions if you are attempting an actual backflip. However, if you are ready to learn how to do a backflip, you will find the following information beneficial.

Watch Videos Of Others Doing A Backflip

You can learn a lot by watching others do a backflip on a trampoline. Fortunately, there are plenty of videos available if you simply do an online search. Pay attention to what the jumper looks like. It may be helpful to watch these videos in slow motion so that you can watch their bodies during the entire backflip. This will really help you get a feel as to what you need to do in order to execute your backflip successfully.

Warm Up Thoroughly

Before you even attempt to do a backflip on a trampoline you need to warm up. Touch your toes, move your arms in circles and really stretch all of your muscles. By taking the time to warm up beforehand you can ensure that your muscles will be ready when it comes time to actually do a backflip on your trampoline.

Do Practice Jumps

It’s important that you do a few practice jumps. Work on getting as high in the air as possible. The higher you get in the air, the easier it will be to do your backflip. When you jump up, tuck your body into a little ball. This will help you do a backflip on the trampoline. The more you are able to tuck your body, the faster you will be able to flip yourself over in your backflip.

Pay Attention To Your Arms

Your arms really help with momentum in order to do a backflip. Practice swinging them back as fast a possible. The faster you can swing them back the quicker you will be able to get around. It may be difficult to swing your arms back while jumping up and tucking your body. If you find that this is the case, just work on swinging your arms while jumping as high as possible. Once you get this down, then practice tucking your body as well.

Get Someone To Spot You

If you know someone that’s experienced in tumbling or gymnastics, then it may be a good idea to get them to help you. They can spot you when you are trying to do a backflip and can offer you tips. Just having someone there to help you may be all you need in order to gain the confidence that is needed to do a backflip on your own. If you are having trouble getting around they may be able to help flip you over. This will allow you to feel what it’s like to do a backflip and can help you figure out what your body needs to do in order to easily flip yourself over without assistance.

Just Go For It

Once you practice doing all of those things, you should go for it if you feel ready. Jump up and tuck your body as you swing your arms back. All of these things will help propel you backward and around so that you can do a backflip. Don’t be surprised if you do a backflip, but land on your knees. It sometimes takes a while before you can untuck your body in time and land on your feet. Since you are on a trampoline your knees won’t experience a hard impact.

In conclusion, a trampoline is a great place to practice a backflip. By utilizing the above tips you should be able to get your backflip down in no time. Just remember to keep practicing and to believe in yourself. Eventually you’ll be able to execute your backflip and impress all of your friends with your tumbling skills.

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