How to Cosplay

how to cosplay

As cosplay has become more popular, people of all ages and backgrounds are left asking, “What is cosplay?” In short, cosplay is the act of donning clothing and accessories reminiscent of a chosen character from an anime or manga, TV show, movie, video game, comic, or other fictional work. Cosplaying can be done for conventions, costume competitions, Halloween, or simply for fun! Now that we know what cosplaying is, let’s take a look at how to do it!

Step One: Choose a Character!

With the endless amounts of new movies and games coming out and already in existence, it can be mind-boggling to try and choose just one character! First, think about what characters inspire you. Do you have a character you feel connected to? Maybe there is a character who you share physical attributes with. Maybe the idea of dressing up like a certain character makes you feel empowered. Don’t worry if your physical characteristics are not exactly like that of your desired character, no one is perfect! If dressing like that particular character is what makes you happy, then do it! Some of the most popular cosplays done are gender-bent. This means that the character was of the opposite gender, but the cosplayer did it anyway! In short, as long as the essence of the character is still there, and easily recognizable, don’t let small differences deter you!

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What does Cosplay mean?

Cosplay Fundamentals

Cosplay is a beloved pastime among people all around the planet. People who participate in cosplay like to dress up as their favorite characters from prominent video games, books and films. They generally emulate characters from Japanese anime and manga offerings. Cosplay fans for the most part are younger people. There are cosplay lovers of all different ages, however. Cosplay, in short, refers to “costume play.” Many people view it as a form of performance art. People who participate in cosplay are known simply as “cosplayers.”

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Best Anime Cosplay

Best Anime Cosplay

Anime Cosplay (short for “Costume Play”) is a wearable art trend taking the whole world by storm. It is popular with all age groups and all kinds of people all over the world. It is an opportunity to escape from busy life and enjoy living out one’s fantasy of dressing and acting like their favorite anime character. Individuals wear elaborate costumes, accessories and makeup to play the part of their favorite anime character. There is no limit where your creativity can take you.

The first step to the Best Anime Cosplay is to determine which character you want to be. Think of what character has a similar personality, is your favorite character or wears a costume you’d like to try. Being excited about your character will help the costume come together very easily. Once you have the character in mind, it’s time to figure out your makeup! Continue reading Best Anime Cosplay

Funny Adult Halloween Costumes

Gearing up for Halloween can be one of the most exciting activities of the year. You get to show off your creative costuming and hang out with friends to check out theirs. If you feel as though you could use a little bit extra inspiration this year, consider some of these funny Halloween costumes for you.

Gnome Mount

What’s funnier than a squat little garden gnome showing up at a party? A grown adult riding on one! This outfit dresses your lower legs like the gnome, and the fake set of legs at the gnome’s shoulders let it look like you’re riding your gnome mount to the party.

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Best Cosplay Wigs

How to select a realistic cosplay wig

Picking the right wig to go along with your cosplay costume can be challenging. After all, how many of us have the hair of the character we are portraying growing naturally on our heads?

The answer: Not many, if any, of us do.

The good (and bad) news is there are a ton of options for buying cosplay wigs both online and in retail stores.

So, how can you make sure you are getting the perfect wig to compliment your costume at the best possible price?

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What is Cosplay?

Cosplay – From Japan to Your Living Room!

One of the most compelling fashion exports of Japan has been Cosplay – a word formed by joining the words “costume” and “play.” In this fashion genre – which may also be considered a performance art – wearers seek to emulate Japanese comic book characters. Such comics are widely read in Japan, by both children and adults, and find their expression in the manga and anime book and film genres. Japanophiles the World over have taken up this fashion genre and performing art as a means of self-expression and creativity, where quality and detail are highly valued.

Cosplay originated in the early 1990s in Japan, spreading gradually to the West, where it has found new enthusiasts as well as characters to emulate outside of the Japanese context. We shall delve more into this aspect later in this article.

Unlike Halloween or Carnival, the Cosplay performer attempts to recreate a single character with the highest sartorial details, including makeup and accessories. As Cosplay has progressed into a mainstream audience, costumes became available off-the-shelf in some jurisdictions. Some enthusiasts also choose to invest a larger amount of money by having the costumes created by ateliers.

The aesthetic quality of Cosplay is striking, with the varied use of metals, plastics, and layered garments to achieve various eye-baffling effects. Many cosplay enthusiasts become experts in their own right, as they study various art forms like plastic molding, painting, and makeup design in order to achieve their desired level of perfection.

Cosplay’s aesthetic qualities extend even beyond the garment itself. Many enthusiasts even change their bodies by wearing colored contact lenses, hair dyes, and temporary tattoos in order to blur the lines between reality and fantasy even further.

Throughout Japan and the World, enthusiasts come together in huge festival halls in order to show off their costumes and creations. For many observers, Cosplay is instantly recognizable as more than just a fashion statement; it is a performance art, requiring all the skill and dedication that any other high art form might require. Some of the largest conventions are held today outside of Japan. In San Diego and New York, huge crowds of observers and participants converge to admire and show off their latest creations. In Europe, London is the center of Cosplay culture and through its Super Comic and MCMs Expos, it becomes a convergence point for enthusiasts from Europe and beyond.

The advantages that Cosplay offers to marketing of comics and games has been recognized for some time. Indeed, many enthusiasts are paid for their presence during exhibitions or street campaigns to spread awareness about the particular product they are representing. In Japan, this is very common, with video game producers and book publishers regularly hiring cosplayers to demonstrate their product or simply to greet any potential buyers.

As mentioned, as cosplay spread throughout the World, new visions and ideas for cosplay were created and put into practice. For example, in China, Cosplay characters are keen to read not into the future, but rather into the past, to find inspiration. Cosplay in the form of traditional folk heroes or as a famous or even scandalous character during the Ming dynasty are particularly popular. As the “Japan craze” hit the United States again during the 2000s, Cosplay rode the wave. While many Westerners continue to be inspired by Japanese cultural elements, others have drawn from their own histories, as characters from the Renaissance or as mythical greek heroes. As long as a wearer is attempting to reproduce a particular character, this can be considered Cosplay in any cultural context.

Cosplay is a fashion genre and performing art that lends itself to all kinds of creative spirits. Children and adults alike enjoy this art form, with many whole families joining conventions wearing cosplay. The creation of these amazing designs also allows families to come together and create Cosplay together. In this sense, it becomes a family past-time, as well as an individual creative experience.