Great Ideas For Cosplay Using Capes

capes cosplay

There’s no way to deny that capes are basically cruise control for “cool”! Pretty much anyone can look amazing when they sport a flow well made cape. Of course, caped characters also happen to make for wonderful cosplay subjects. If you’ve always secretly wanted to traipse around with an ornate piece of cloth trailing behind you, dressing up as one of your favorite characters will give you the perfect means to do so.

With that said, here are some great ideas for cosplay using capes!\

1 – Comic Book Superheroes

Of course, this is the bread and butter for any cosplay using capes. Pretty much every other comic book hero sports a fashionable, iconic cape of some kind. Examples include: Superman, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Thor, Shazam, Dr. Fate, Doctor Doom, Spawn, Magneto, Storm, Dr. Strange, Power Girl, and a wide array of others. By pulling from the long history of comic books, you’ll have a lot of potential shapes and colors to work with. You can opt for more traditional varieties or something truly challenging to put together. Continue reading Great Ideas For Cosplay Using Capes