Why is Baby Yoda so popular?

Alright guys let’s begin with this…

Since Baby Yoda is new to our Star Wars knowledge and we learned about his existence through “The Mandalorian” there are many questions that will still remain unanswered but let’s dive into some of the facts that we do know about Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is literally and entirely cute, he also walks but looks like he likes to spend most of his time being carried in an egg-cradle, he takes many naps, he has put two frogs in his mouth but never eats them, and he has at least enough control of the Force to briefly levitate a Mudhorn (Mudhorns look insanely cool by the way).

He was created by Jon Favreau creator and showrunner of The Mandalorian and it seems like Baby Yodas creation came after or based upon his desire to explore the mystery around Yoda and his species. … “The Child” (Baby Yoda) has received a positive reception especially from the fans but also from the reviewers, since Baby Yoda kind of stole the show the child is widely considered the show’s breakout character, and Baby Yoda’s memes quickly became popular in Internet.

Is it baby Yoda or Yoda’s baby?

The character’s name as far as the internet is concerned is “Baby Yoda.” Disney and Lucasfilm little to none try to convince you that we should really call him “the Child.” Let’s face it we could call him Yoda’s kid or son, Mini Yoda but, His name is Baby Yoda. “Yoda” is part of his name.

What is Baby Yoda’s gender?

Let’s go back in time for this one, remember Yoda and Yaddle?, Yaddle was a female member of the same race as Yoda who also sat on the Jedi council in Phantom Menace, both Yoda and Yaddle were the only two of their kind that fans knew of prior to Baby Yoda. Now since we don’t know Yoda and Yaddle’s origins, so far it’s impossible to for us all to know Baby Yoda’s species or name as well, and just to clear, it wasn’t until the third episode that we all learned Baby Yoda’s gender. It’s a boy, yep The 50 year old child is a boy.

So far this all the information we can relay on a bout our little favorite cute friend Baby Yoda. Let’s keep an eye open because probably we will see him again in future episodes with more information and hopefully with a hint of where his species come from?

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